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Extra Strength Kudzu Vine Root - 40% Extract (Daidzin) (Puerarin) Cream
by Bianca Rosa

Extra Strength Kudzu Vine Root - 40% Extract (Daidzin) (Puerarin) Cream

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Traditionally used to help support thirst, headache, stiffness, pain due to high blood pressure, angina pectoris and more.

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ZIN Product Number: 514210
Size: 2 oz
Weight: 0.18 lbs (0.08 KG)
Size (inches): 2.28" X 2.28" X 2.09"
Size (cm): 5.8 cm X 5.8 cm X 5.3 cm

Bianca Rosa

Ingredients: Water, Purified, Kudzu, Palm Ester Stearates, Emulsifying Wax, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract (Antioxidant), Glucose Peroxide, Lacto Peroxide, Methylparaben (0.1%)


Kudzu is also known by the names Kuzu, Pueraria, Gwat Gun, and Ge Gan. Kudzu is a coarse, high-climbing, twining, trailing, perennial vine, native to Japan and China. It also grows in the Southeastern portions of the United States where it helps to control soil erosion, fix nitrogen into the soil, and feed cattle. This herb quickly overgrows its boundaries, and a single vine can grow up to 100 feet in one season, taking over and killing other plants along its path. It can literally grow through rocks. Despite the many important uses of this plant, it is often considered a noxious weed, yet continues to be imported from Asia to be sold for food and health. The genus is named after the Swiss botanist, M. N. Pueraria. Kudzu root has been known for centuries in traditional China. The first written mention of the plant as a medicine is in the ancient herbal text of Shen Nong (circa A.D.100).

In traditional Chinese health, Kudzu Root is used in prescriptions for the potential to help support symptoms of "wei," or "superficial" syndrome (a health problem that manifests just under the surface - mild, but with fever), thirst, headache, and stiff neck with pain due to high blood pressure. It can also be tried to help support allergies, migraine headaches, measles eruptions in children, and diarrhea. It was also used to help support angina pectoris. The roots provide a fiber for the textile industry. The process for extracting the starch from the roots is tedious and can take up to 120 days, during which it is chopped, washed, pounded into a mass, and filtered up to 50 times.

The primary chemical constituents of Kudzu include starch, isoflavonoids, puerarin, daidzein, and phytoestrogens. Kudzu Root is high in isoflavones, such as daidzein, and isoflavone glycosides, such as daidzin and puerarin. Depending on its growing conditions, the total isoflavone content varies from 2-12%, with puerarin in the highest concentration, followed by daidzin and daidzein. It has some demulcent properties, making it useful for thirst and dryness. Also, the flowers have been shown to be effective in lessening the desire for alcohol, and thus are used in supporting alcoholism. This herb also helps counteract poisons.

When Kudzu is roasted in a dry pan, it makes an excellent tonic for the spleen, and helps support diarrhea. Kudzu is cooked as food in China, where it can be used as a thickening agent in making sauces, soups and puddings. It can be used as a starch for people who do not digest grains well. The young leaves, shoots, and flowers can be steamed or sautéed as a vegetable. They may also be pickled. The common name Kudzu also includes the species Pueraria thunbergiana, which is used interchangeably with Pueraria lobata.


Additional Information

Apply Bianca Rosa cream morning and evenings, or as directed by a health care practitioner. On a moist cotton wool pad or with the fingertips, apply to the desired area of the body. Massage onto thoroughly cleansed skin with a gentle circular motion.

TerraVita is an exclusive line of premium-quality, natural source products that use only the finest, purest and most potent ingredients found around the world. TerraVita is hallmarked by the highest possible standards of purity, potency, stability and freshness. All of our products are prepared with the highest elements of quality control, from raw materials through the entire manufacturing process, up to and including the moment that the bottles or bags are sealed for freshness and shipped out to you. Our highest possible standards are certified by independent laboratories and backed by our personal guarantee.

TerraVita exists to meet and ensure your family's health and wellness without the harmful effects or chemicals and prescription medications. We strive to make all of our products affordable and reliable and are constantly searching the market to maintain our affordability and to look for new ways to serve you and the ones you love. TerraVita has become a trusted household name for many families and can bring you and yours the very best herbal supplements, blends, teas and spices that are on the market today.

ZooScape is proud to be the exclusive distributor of TerraVita teas, herbs and supplements in the United States, Canada and around the world. Please direct all wholesale and bulk inquiries to Simona Heather at 1-844-449-0444.

  Our Price: $16.95 US
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